You know that moment when you wonder why some things in your life aren’t up to your expectations?  You think you should be farther along to ‘success’ then you are.  I had that evil thought scamper through my brain Sunday morning.  Then I quickly came to the realization, that so many things in the last year and a half wouldn’t have happened if I was where I ‘thought’ I should be.  So I turned the weekend into a gratitude weekend.  Thinking back on this past year and a half, my life has improved so much for the better.  And it is all because of my mindset.

My quality of life has improved.  There have been things I wouldn’t have had the courage to do before I shifted my attitude.  This Blog.  My Instagram page.  Pursuing something I have wanted to do for years.  Originally, it was meant to be a website to showcase my art.  But the better way to share my work was a gradual means, making Instagram the perfect starting point, and a blog to build an online presence to put some writing out there.

Considering I hadn’t planned on a blog, and the idea of having to think of something new to post every week did give me cause to worry – I am really liking it, and I always come up with something!  Not that you are restricted to a mandatory weekly blog post – but if there is something I respect when I watch social media – it is consistency. (I could do another post on that!)

Back to being grateful.  At first, I didn’t know if it was a coincidence I had a lot more energy and drive since March when I started my blog and Instagram.  I also started new vitamins – but I am pretty sure I am in my Element.

Since January, I wrote two stories in addition to my series stories that I am very happy with.  They make my heart sing, and I get shivers thinking about them.  I submitted one to two different competitions, and the second plus one of my series to another competition that allowed for up to three stories.

New Vitamins or not, whether anyone reads this blog or not, I feel like I won because I am doing something I love.  Everything happens in a certain order for a reason.  I can trust that now.

I am more than grateful.

~ Devon


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