When we got up this morning, there was a layer of ash on the truck from the forest fires in the area. We are in Kelowna, the Okanagan area of BC, known for its hot weather, summer fruit, vineyards and hockey training. We are here for the latter. A week long hockey camp for the younger boy.

Well, we are here for all of it, making a vacation out of it. I had a wine tour today with some of the other moms.

We visited my sister along the way, stopped at Manning Park to see the ground squirrels that love the tourists now. We visited a cousin in Penticton, and played a round of golf at the Pitch and Putt, pictured above. Boys loved it, it was their first time playing. The scenery is incredible. I can see why so many people love to return to this area.

Monday to Friday, Owen plays at an arena here, and he goes on a synthetic ice skating treadmill in the afternoon. After the camp, we go to Vancouver downtown for 2 nights before going home. Once we come off the Island, it makes sense to do a few things like touring around and making it a holiday.

This will be our holiday for the summer. We laugh that we don’t do much except hockey related things, but we make the most of it! Taking part in different camps and tournaments has given us the chance to visit places we may not otherwise plan to go. I am thankful for that. We make a lot of memories.

The air had cleared by the morning, it hasn’t been too hazy. I can see it now in the West. The fires have started early this year as it’s so dry. There wasn’t much rain in the spring, even on Vancouver Island, like there normally is. So we pray for some rain, but will enjoy the time we have here.

Wishing you a beautiful July!

Sending Love,


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