I have been having more and more dreams lately that I have also remembered by the time morning arrived.

This morning, I woke to remember a dream that was a bit terrifying. It wasn’t the kind that you wake up still feeling the emotion as if you are in it, but I remembered the feeling I had just had (and no longer felt threatened). The earth had been losing its gravitational field. In my dream it was affecting water, so the oceans were being pulled up into the air. It started in the east of North America, as that was, when it started, the place on the earth that was ‘South’. In my dream, the directions made sense, but thinking about it afterwards, how do you pinpoint in the universe what is ‘up’ and ‘down’? As I live on an island, it was definitely panic inducing as this phenomenon made its way towards the West. As long as we stayed indoors, there was no immediate threat. The aftermath would be a different story, but the dream ended before we had to deal with that.

I got up shortly after 5, as I planned to do some learning with a class I signed up for, my personal growth class.

I started my notes for the session, and realized that part of my dream was also that I was being told (by myself as if I was separate from ‘me’) to write with my left hand. ‘The writing will be clearer.’ I hadn’t remembered this until I began my notes. So I did. I switched to my left. * I can write with my left, with effort. I have always written with my right hand but most other things I do left handed. As I need to write more slowly and with more care with my left hand, I do wonder if this will bring deeper insights. That remains to be seen 😉

I texted a friend about my weird gravity dream in the morning and coincidentally, she had just seen an article about gravity relating to water so she forwarded a NASA article. I always thought gravity was gravity and there wasn’t much to know. It turns out that it is something constantly being monitored. Gravity is determined “by how much mass a given material has, so the more mass an object has, the stronger the gravitational pull.” So as you can imagine, Earth has an uneven gravity field.

Interesting fact: due to tides, currents and wind, “the ocean surface off the tip of India is about 200 meters closer to the earth’s core than the ocean surface near Borneo.” The gravity field also changes monthly due to the mass of water moving around the Earth’s surface.

Who knew you could learn such interesting things by: 1) having a weird dream, then 2) sharing it with what turned out to be the right person!

(Source: https://earthdata.nasa.gov/learn/sensing-our-planet/matter-in-motion-earth-s-changing-gravity )

Sending Love,


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