My 20th Blog post!  Already!  When I started, I hadn’t realized 20 blog posts would happen so quickly.  This has been every week since March.  I have added this weekly activity to my routine.  I have enjoyed writing about something every week and managed to keep up with the regular scheduled Instagram posts as well (which happen Mon/Wed/Fri with the occasional weekend post).  I have really liked it and haven’t created so much, so consistently, for a long time.  It’s my breath of fresh air and the ideas keep flowing!

I would love to hear – have you had a favourite blog post?  Or does anything stand out to you?

My blog posts have been quite personal, but to tell you a bit more about my day to day – I am having such a good summer so far!

I am working, and we have a renovation to do on our basement.  This will happen after my husband frames a house -they are waiting for a permit to be completed.  Our two boys are either having a great time with grandma, or friends and occasionally the older one who is 12, goes to work.  He likes working on the job site with dad, cleanup help or doing ‘boss job’ errands – like getting coffee for the crew.

It has been close to 30 degrees for the last week here in the Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, and I love it.  I love my job, and happy to squeeze in some painting time and doing fun touristy things with the family on weekends.  We have gone to the Forest Museum to ride the train, Chemainus for Ice Cream, the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Parksville beach and Coombs.

Life is good, and I am thankful.

xo, Devon

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