When finding dimes on the ground, does this have special significance to you? I have heard stories of meanings for people, the most common being a message ‘from beyond’, or from your spiritual guides. I have never attached any significance to it myself and especially since Covid, did not want to pick up dirty coins from the street.

Our son joined a hockey team last year that is outside of ‘Minor Hockey’ and involves regular travel to Vancouver for games. This means taking the ferry since we live on Vancouver Island. Expenses add up quick, so he started to collect bottles and cans to return to help fund these expenses.

Family members and friends have contributed bottles and cans over the last year, so we sort, bag them up and bring them in to exchange for cash. Everything gets returned for 10 cents which makes pop cans the easiest as you can stuff a lot in a big bag. We have done this sorting work a lot over the year, which Owen doesn’t love doing, but he understands about pitching in, and I help him.

Along the way, listening to the many audios that I do, finding coins was talked about in the way that the Universe is ‘profiting’ you. It is showing the many ways in which the Universe is abundant and a reminder that if you notice, abundance is all around.

This spoke to me more so than the spiritual guide idea I had heard before simply because I didn’t feel like I had a particular ‘guide’. Meaning I didn’t have a person who passed away that held a dime or the number 10 with any significance. I thought this was the requirement to having a spiritual guide, that there had to be symbolism involved or how could they communicate with you? Also, since the work of the bottles and cans, I see a dime now and it represents a can or a bottle in a much smaller package, taking up less space and the can is already converted to the coin. And I know how much work goes in to returning bottles.

When I see a dime now, I pick it up. The Universe is profiting me (albeit perhaps slowly 😅) but having noticed and accepted this gift when it appears, it does help my outlook and makes me chuckle. And, perhaps quite significantly, after doing this practice for some months, it just so happened that I found a $50 dollar bill on the street last week. Many dimes added together in a tidy paper (dollar bill) package. 🤗

Sending Love,


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