Set Back

I can’t possibly be the only one who feels like they have ‘set back’ days. Like for a while, you know things are going well or improving and then you have an ‘emotional’ set back. Beating yourself up. Just feeling like an all around loser. Like there is a rain cloud over you, but it feels like it’s over everything you touch as well.

A pity party day. But yet, I still hate the term ‘bad day.’ I refuse to paint an entire day with the same brush (unless it’s positivity). And then you get mad at yourself for letting negative thoughts creep in. It’s been going so well with positive thoughts, so how much will these doubtful or negative thoughts set you back? Doesn’t that negate all the good and all the progress? Then that thought stresses you out.

And then you think, what tools do I have in my ‘toolkit’? How can I turn this around?

Then you go through the list:

Don’t they say that when you doubt the most, that’s when you are closest to getting to where you want to be?

Look at Mel Robbins on Instagram. Look at Jay Shetty on Instagram.

Look at favourite quotes on Pinterest.

Get distracted briefly by funny animal reels on Instagram.

Think of all the things that you are grateful for. Thing of all the things that make you smile. June has been a good month, think of how you have felt in all your good memories of other Junes, so you can feel the goodness of this time of year as if it’s happening now.

And then you remind yourself of what you jot down every morning. A good thing. An intention. How much power you have. How much choice you have in directing your thoughts and emotions and therefore your life.

Deep breath. Ok, so now a set back doesn’t seem as bad. And you take away it’s power. Because that power is really your power.

And then the next day, you set your mind and your intention and your power is a little bit stronger because you know you made it through.

Sending Love,


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