I have the best sisters. One older and one younger. This week, I am fortunate enough to be visiting my younger sister on the mainland, near Vancouver. I have a week holiday from work and wanted to visit as she and her family, including two young boys, moved into their new home last month.

Last week, I was writing about the Golden Rule and how we had been taught how to treat others. Around that time last week, all of us in our family had been on a group text and some encouragement and appreciation shown from my parents really emphasized how lucky we all are. So I texted as much to say thank you and that I do acknowledge it and appreciate their support and love shown to us.

And now here we are spending some quality time and the cousins get to hang out and play together. My sister and I have decided on how to organize her kitchen cabinets, have placed the art and mirrors throughout the house and walked around the local cornfield loop track. We had wine on the rooftop deck, picked out some indoor plants for each of us at Minter, and watched an old favourite Haley Mills movie, the Moonspinners. We didn’t need big plans, but just time spent visiting and enjoying each other’s company.

What you invest in time and love shown, comes back in so many ways. Having strong relationships and family that love and support each other is something that isn’t lost on me how fortunate I am. I am so happy to have this summer holiday to stay generally close to home – we did wear face masks on the ferry, and keep bonds strong.

I hope you are loving your summer!

Sending Love,


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