Christmases Past

This year, with my Christmas preparations, I went from being completely unprepared (on the 13th having just started the shopping) to completely ready in the shortest time span in my history of Christmases. I will be doing some deliveries tomorrow to drop off the festive packages. I even had some cards mailed out.

Since we are not to have gatherings in our corner of the world, I had to have gifts ready to drop off before the holiday. With a larger family gathering that normally happens after Christmas, when everyone can gather, it has always allowed a few more days of figuring out and then wrapping the gifts we do by name draw. But this year, we want everyone to have their gifts before the day.

We also will just be having just a small dinner. We normally have our friends, a family of 5. We met them when our boys were in kindergarten together. They have been with us for Christmas dinner almost every year since! Along with my hubby’s grandma and sister. It won’t be the same this year without them. I love cooking a big turkey dinner, and have been so thankful for the great Christmas dinners we have all had together. The story of our friends joining us is they moved here 9 years ago from Calgary. They come from families with lots of siblings, we became great friends and the second Christmas they were here, they bought a turkey and then on Christmas Eve it smelled off and it had gone bad. Her dad was out visiting, they were going to throw something in the slow cooker, I forget what. I said bring everyone and the slow cooker over so we would have enough food between the turkey we had plus that. They were used to big family gatherings with lots of people, so they have been with us ever since except a year they went back home.

Jay and I have so many good memories of Christmases past. Our first Christmas together, Jay got me a guitar. The next Christmas, he was learning carpentry and he built a cat scratching post / perch for me and when he presented it to me, said we would go pick out a cat. That was our Riley that we got as a result of that. When Jordan was really little, two or three, Jay took him to pick out a gift for me and he chose a Barbie doll. Said that girls like barbies, so I would of course love it. I do love it because he chose it for me. One time, I came out of work right before Christmas and my car was detailed. He had picked it up and had it cleaned up and brought back for me.

When I lived in Holland, my favourite thing was our Christmas Eve walk through the city centre of Dordrecht. We lived close enough and it was snowing and the muffled sound and old city and lights in the snow was magical.

If I talk about how fun and special my childhood Christmases were, it could be its own blog post. My parents taught us how to love the togetherness. I saw something being shared around FaceBook a while ago, kids telling the meaning of Love. One little boy said: ‘Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and just listen.’ That gives me the good kind of chills because in one sentence, that describes all of my Christmases.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, or if you do not celebrate, a happy December and New Year! ❤️

Sending Love,


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