I saw a little blurb on social media last week (I forget where) about not letting the internet fool you – and here is what stuck out: “no one is posting failures.”  Seems obvious enough.  Of course people aren’t posting failures.  Posts we share are curated to show the positive and the highlights.  The point of the blurb was to remind you to be yourself, don’t use others’ content as your measuring stick of how well you are doing.

I agree with the message of that naturally, but also believe in growth and striving to do better.  Everyone knows the quote: “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”  As a law of attraction learning, it is good to surround yourself with positivity and people that make you want to improve your game and level up.

Over the last few days I was reflecting more on this balance of curating and posting the highlights vs. the reality of failed attempts – the reality of reality.  We are still working on our renovation (we added a basement where there used to be a dirt crawl space).  It is lots of work.  My husband is a carpenter and has been doing the entire job.  I know there are extremely hard working people out there but I feel like no one works harder than my hubby.  I work full time as well plus all the extras that I do (plus the extras on top of that, the stuff that I want to do – case in point, this blog and my art and books).  I was painting our exterior doors on the weekend thinking about how hard we work, and wondering, why doesn’t it seem like other couples work this hard?  You could say the frustration had seeped in just fleetingly.  The overall day was great – this was father’s day, and I was glad to make progress on the house, so was thankful for this.

Comparisons naturally sneak into everyone’s thoughts.  I think the saving grace is perspective, logical thinking and gratitude.  Conclusion?  Keep doing what I am doing.  Maybe I should work a little harder (haha).



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