75 Weeks!

I am excited and quite proud to share, that this blog marks 75 weeks of blog posts! 75 weeks straight and I haven’t missed one!

Also, 75 weeks of my 3 weekly art posts on Instagram.  I call them my Collection and I honestly love scrolling through my Instagram and looking at all that I have created.

I have my favourites of course and some I wasn’t as happy with.

Last week I was contemplating this being my 75th week and post and it crossed my mind to consider how long I would keep going with this.  Do I keep this weekly ritual going forever?  What about all of this art?  And although I can’t say that I know the answer (except I do know I will be continuing for a while yet), I also was pleased to think I have 75 weeks of 3 weekly art posts – that is 225 created pieces.   That is 225 more art pieces than if I hadn’t held myself accountable to share them.  If I hadn’t started this, then 75 weeks would have gone by without having started anything, just like the 75 weeks leading up to my first post, and the 75 weeks before that.

So this really is my own personal collection of what I can create when I commit myself to doing this and to share.  They say to be a pro at anything, you have to dedicate 10,000 hours.  For me, my collection of work is a reminder that at least I started.  I am farther for it and each week builds to the portfolio and gives me a chance to play and decide what new work I want to create.

Thanks for joining me on this, and I hope you have enjoyed some of the blog and creations! Send me a note anytime!



One thought on “75 Weeks!

  1. I have been enjoying them and looking forward to each new one as well. Devon. Thank you so much for the thought inspiring posts and art. It is so wonderful to have these posts and art work to look forward to.


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