I saw a clip of Jay Shetty speaking. That the smartest people, falling into the description of Healthy, Wealthy and Wise, choose education over entertainment.

That struck me as very interesting. I hadn’t heard it put in that light before. But it does make sense and ring true. I am sure there are many people that just want to ‘numb’ themselves and watch something that requires no effort on their part. Just ‘be entertained’ compared to spending your time advancing or up-levelling some part of your life. Even if it’s small baby steps (think 10,000 hours to become an ‘expert’), working towards those 10,000 hours wouldn’t be considered mindless even if at times it may feel that way. And then you could read, research something you are curious about. Maybe it’s learning a new skill that you’ve always wanted to try. Guitar, pottery, figuring out how to clean your computer or planting a veggie garden. My friend’s daughter spent the better part of 2 years drawing ponies. And after that time she could draw a pony like you wouldn’t believe and her drawing skills in general took off.

On a given day, something comes up that I want to look up. I have started to keep a notepad in my phone so I can jot it down when the thought strikes, as all too often, when I have the chance, I will forget what it was I was curious about. I have the dictionary app so I can look up a word anytime. I like to see exactly how the word is described or what context it can be used in (and not to forget I love to find out what the history or origin of a word is ~ it gives me a better understanding).

I personally feel like there are so many fascinating things to know ~ and I wish I could remember all of them. So it is an enjoyment for me to always keep learning. And who doesn’t want to be healthy, wealthy and wise? Sounds like a goal worth aiming for, to me. If continuing to learn gets me there one day, then I choose Learn all day.

Sending Love,


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