I learned a new word this week. And it really had me thinking about how I think.

I signed up for a personal growth class online. I will write more on that later, as I am partway in and want to let the learning percolate in my brain more before I share on that. But in this class (through Mindvalley), the term ‘Mentations’ is a topic of the day.

Mentations are: ceaseless thoughts, thoughts that are habitual regurgitation of the same mental content. The dictionary definition being ‘mental activity’. For the days’ learning, it is part of the reflection process to think about and ideally to journal what my own Mentations are. Really being aware of what thoughts go through my mind all day. The thoughts that are so habitual that I don’t even have to think about them. I had a hard time at first. It’s surprising how meaningless or inconsequential thoughts are just habit or on repeat without really being aware of it. I had to really pay attention and listen to my mental patterns. What I found was this: I seem to replay conversations a lot. I also found that I think on scenarios a lot. Possible scenario outcomes, how I will react or what I will do about different outcomes.

But the most pleasant realization is how 4 years or reading and reflecting on positive quotes has done something! I have told you before about how I decided one day that I needed to make a more asserted effort towards living a positive life. It started with positive quotes, which I realized was law of attraction learning and it has gone from there. But the constant over these past (almost) 4 years is the quotes. Every day. Reading, reflecting and reviewing them every day. I have a Pinterest board for them.

So I realize while paying attention to my Mentations is that my quotes come up a lot. Here’s an example. With this course as well, one day you are looking at ‘blame or shame’ in your life. For me there is shame with getting mad at my boys unnecessarily at times, or over-reaction. As I am thinking on this, the quote ‘when we know better, we do better’ pops up. Yes that is true, I tell myself. I now know better. While at work with new Covid rules, people get grouchy and while I think ‘how can people be so rude?’ The quote of ‘people act to their own level of awareness or consciousness’ pops into my mind. Right, so view that person’s reaction objectively but don’t take it personally, I remind myself.

With prepping to be back in our re-opened work location, we had a plan of cleaning everything that we all share multiple times per day. So the quote of Mother Theresa’s that I love comes to mind: ‘Wash the plate, not because it is dirty nor because you are told to wash it, but because you love the person who will use it next.’ Yes. Let’s all wash the plate. My soul loves all the souls who will use it next.

So gradually, I guess and without my being very aware of it, I suppose I have been laying down new thought patterns. And now I think of the one that says ‘you can grow gardens or you can grow weeds’ with the thoughts that you plant in your mind. Let’s aim for a beautiful garden.

Sending Love,


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