In the spring, while perusing the Victoria Symphony schedule of events, I saw that there was to be a performance of music from movies, such as superhero movies or Star Wars. I thought, if ever there is a chance to convince my boys to go to a Symphony production, this woud be it.

They really geared the marketing of this event to young children, encouraging that they wear their superhero costumes for the event. I also thought that perhaps another theme to attract teens and young adults would be a ‘gaming’ theme – music from video games. Years ago, my boys really liked a song from Call Of Duty, WWII called the Brotherhood of Hero’s, by Wilbert Roget II. They also like the Halo theme song. If something like a Symphony really wanted to attract a wider group of youth, that could be something to consider.

I remember my grandma Ethel, took us to a symphony when we were kids. We dressed up in our ‘Sunday’ clothes and went to see a performance. I always liked seeing everyone perform and the magic of all the instruments working together, when, alone, they may be quite unspectacular.

So the boys humoured me, Owen was quite excited to go, and they both wore nice pants and white button up shirts. Once we were there, there were quite a lot of young kids dressed up. Jordan whispered to me, ‘why are we here?’ And they felt quite overdressed as no one else was in nicer clothes.

The performance was very impressive and again, it reminded me why I like to go and watch the group, each one a master of their instrument.

It will be a good memory that we will share now, as we all enjoyed the music and it was another excuse to be a part of something ‘creative’ which I always appreciate. A chance for the boys to have an experience apart from their school and hockey events.

Sending Love,


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