Garden Ciders

Why is it that when even a portion of the family goes away, it feels like a holiday for both parties?

Let me tell you why… having a quieter house means the routine goes by the wayside. No large suppers, less of a morning routine when it’s only yourself to think about. Less laundry and dishes to worry about. This is how my week was last week when the hubby and younger boy went off to Kelowna for a hockey / skating camp. The older boy and I had a quieter house, Jordan planned a couple of sleepover nights that he had a friend here and he went to a friends the next night.

I had an enjoyable week myself, although I was still working. I had an evening of ciders in the garden with a friend, now that we have an actual garden to enjoy! (Heaven)

And I watched one movie over two evenings, because I still like my bedtime 😉 . I rarely have a move night as there is never a shortage of things to do of course, and typically, I like to use my free time for hobbies or growth of some kind. But for two glorious evenings, I did sit and enjoy The Sound of Music. I forgot how much I enjoy that movie – and singing along! It really cheers me up. I grew up watching it, but haven’t seen it in at least 15 years.

For the two days following, all I could think about was humming – no, singing, ‘I have confidence in confidence alone, despite what you see, I have confidence in me..”. Maybe that song came into my life again at the right time. I have been much more cheerily, confident since. :). Isn’t it actually amazing what music can do for the soul?

I will take a week off also in August. So I look forward to that, but I am so rejuvenated in general and very grateful for warn and sunny weather we have had here. I am thankful.

Sending Love,


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