Love Your Family

I shared a while ago that my personality style is Advocate or INFJ (Nov 13, 2018 blog post Advocate).  Some of the others they say that are this personality type are Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa.

One of the describing quotes of this type of person is that they see helping others as their purpose in life, “their real passion is to get to the heart of the issue so that people need not be rescued at all.”  How true this is for me.  This kind of philosophy is always where my mind goes to and actually, at the heart of the stories of my Children’s books.

Perhaps this is also why the Mother Theresa quote speaks so strongly to me: “If you really want to change the world, go home and love your family.”  My stories take root in this thinking.

If everyone were to love their family, how different the world would be.  I wish all people knew how to love.  Loving encompasses so much: having understanding, showing kindness and treating people with respect.  Understanding boundaries, and learning how to encourage, and when to sympathize.

I have a hard time understanding when people don’t love their kids.  Maybe it is because I am so sentimental and very feeling.  I think back to when my boys were babies and even before they were born.  The feelings of excitement and wonder at these miniature beings (little bits of people – as my grandma lovingly referred to small children and babies).  My heart could not be more full with this love.  When I get frustrated or mad at them, I remind myself they were my little babies and how I cherish them and how it’s up to me to teach and help them.  Trust me, I have gotten very mad at my kids and have high expectations of how they treat people and each other, so I am definitely very nagging as well (still working on that – it could be a future blog post… ‘reasonable expectations’?).

I would assume that if you show your kids how much you love them as they are little and the days turn into weeks and months and years then they still know you love them.  Maybe it is a law of attraction thing – I have always felt that loving your family is so easy and second nature that this turns into the experience that I live.

May it be the experience that you live as well.

You will be hearing more from me on this, and a closely related topic that a friend and I are working on.  Something that would be amazing if it were more of a prominent topic of conversation including ways to show love and respect and the impact it can have.  Thoughts welcome!


Dikke Kus / Big Kiss,


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