Do I refer to myself as an artist?

In some ways, I feel like I am not worthy of the title ‘artist’.  I only went to art school, and I like to create. In comparison, it’s like someone who didn’t go to carpentry trade school or do much practical training, comparing themselves to my husband who did all his red seal training and has been working in the field for 15 years.

In other ways, I feel like the title isn’t really me, either.  This is because of all the stereotypes of an ‘artist’ which are not positive – things like someone who can’t get a ‘real’ job, unreliable, out of touch with reality.  *It’s hard when a stereotype paints everyone with the same brush, isn’t it?

I create art, but as far as stereotypes go, I feel like an “un-artist”.

My day job is a banking advisor (at a credit union), I do the payroll and bookkeeping for our construction company, I am a board member with my local resident’s association.  I love reading about physics, geography, learning about new places and languages and word histories (I have a dictionary of Word Histories). I like girly things and having my house clean and organized is something I am striving for – and not succeeding at, with all boys in the family.

In short, I don’t feel like an artist.  But the truth is, I don’t know at what time I would consider myself an artist.  Is there a measurable event?  Like having more professional art supplies?  Having a real art studio?  Or an art show?

Maybe I am too hard on myself or too limiting.  I happily create – write or draw or paint, daily.

When discussing this topic with my sister, she said as a runner, she hadn’t considered herself a runner until she could run 5k without a walk break, but then she checked herself.  She was getting out and running regularly, it’s more than some people do – isn’t that enough?

She makes a good point.  Isn’t my creating enough?  I could consider myself an artist.  And my measurable event won’t be an art show, or fancy art supplies (to be clear, I won’t refuse gifts of fancy art supplies).

I look forward to continually enjoying to create, and completing the illustrations for my books. I will continue to paint in the kitchen at 5am, or while I should be making dinner.



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  1. I love the 5K comparison. I recently started running. That’s huge for me. I’m not a lazy person, just not one whose motivated to exercise. I too thought I could not be classified as s runner. Heck I do 3mins run/1 Min walk for 20 mins two times a week. How could I hardly be considered a runner. Well that equals 4-5K a week. At least I’m running! Thanks for this Devon!

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