Last week, talking about license plates, my mom texted me after to ask if I really do remember them.  I don’t remember when I started cultivating this skill, but it hasn’t been since I was a kid.  I think it was definitely sometime after having my older boy.

I do remember though, from childhood, my grandpa had two specific signs that may have contributed to my having this skill.  One sign was his own license plate as he was a ham / amateur radio operator: VE7FBK.  I saw this my entire childhood.  He wrote an autobiography and talks about this in his book, ‘My Journey From Coast To Coast’.  He was a minister with the United Church, came to Canada at the age of 2 from England and eventually made his way to Victoria, BC.  In retirement, while president of his Kiwanis Club, he helped facilitate getting a Short Wave radio set up at the Lester B Pearson College of the Pacific, so students could be brought in contact with the world.

Another sign that was posted on a wall at his home was this: LIDGTTFTATIM.  I would stare at this hundreds of times, reciting the letters over and over in my head.  In small letters below were the words:  Lord I Do Give Thee Thanks For The Abundance That Is Mine. I think staring at and reciting these two specific signs helped build my capacity, if you will, of storing a sequence of letters or numbers in my mind.

I did a Google search for those letters LIDGTTFTATIM and just learned that it was from a book by Robert Collier, ‘The Magic Word’.  It turns out he had a few Law of Attraction type books as well: ‘The Secret of The Ages’ being one of them.  This doesn’t surprise me that my Grandpa appreciated this as he was one of the most positive person that I know.  He was thankful for everything and everyone in his life.

Being reminded of this sign has made me smile this week.  I have a lot to be thankful for as well.



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