Sometimes you want to go out of your comfort zone because you know it will be worth it. Maybe you will gain something, learn a new skill or have an accomplishment to show for it.

Then there’s discomfort, like when you wouldn’t choose to go out of your comfort zone. You don’t see what the benefit could be, or it’s simply not fun.

For my work, I had to work out of a new location 2-3 days a week during COVID because my work location was closed. I wrote about this March 31 post, Essential, and May 19 post, Confusion.

The location I went to was farther from my home, so it posed some challenges and discomfort, such as I couldn’t go home during lunch to see my boys.

I do have to tell you about the cool Angel card experience. I never knew about angel cards until recently, but a co-worker had brought her cards in for fun and had us each pull 3 cards in the morning. It wasn’t official card reading by any means, it was more for entertainment. This co-worker and I both pulled the ‘location’ card multiple times during February and March. The guide that came with the cards said that this meant a new home or a new job. We both shrugged it off, neither of us have plans to sell our houses and move or find a new job. I pulled this card last on March 18th – I have photo proof, and on March 20th, we were told our location was to close and effective the following week we would be working out of the other office.

That was a fun story that came out of it. I also got to work with a friend I don’t normally get to so that was the best part. Other highlights were working with people I hadn’t worked with in years, some that trained me when I was first hired and re-connecting with some newer ones. we had a great team on our days. We also had some cupcakes and goodies brought in a couple of times from a co-worker who has a bakery that was self isolating at home.

For a time and discomfort that I wouldn’t have signed up for, there were some highlights and good memories that did come out of it. That particular group will always be remembered as my COVID friends.

As of yesterday, my location has opened up again and I am so glad to be back. The sun has been shining and it is a happy week.

Hope you are safe and well wherever you are!

Sending Love,


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