Consciousness Levels

In the last few days, some people who live in a ‘victim consciousness’ have passed by my awareness. which makes me think a couple of things:

1. The fact it has come into my awareness must mean that I have to better protect my own awareness and consciousness level so I don’t lower my energy vibration. Being frustrated by the arguments of this ‘victim state’ has weighed on my mind.

2. Trying to discuss an issue with someone viewing the world in a ‘victim state’ doesn’t really get anywhere. They can only hear what they want to hear which proves to them, their state of mind.

Attempting to really work on energy and personal development and higher states of consciousness, it really becomes apparent that people do operate to their level of consciousness. People can only hear from their level of consciousness and can only be aware to their level of consciousness. When someone wants to play the victim and that’s how they live their life, they can’t seem to see clearly what is really going on. It’s like there is a cloud or a veil over their eyes. And the things that enter their awareness are only those things that vibrate at that victim level.

As frustrating as it can be to try to talk to someone who only wants to look at the world feeling let down or sorry for themselves, I am thankful that it is not my reality. Of course I have felt that way at times myself, it happens, but I think I can pull myself out of it quicker and easier. I also have an improved outlook that if I do feel that way, I have to assess my own thoughts and realize there must be something I can change. I am the one that has the biggest impact on how I feel. Why would I want to give that power to anyone else?

Some challenges really confirm how fortunate I feel to have the people in my life that I do.

Sending Love,


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