I work at a credit union helping people with their banking and in the last month I have encountered a lot more emotional situations.  Remember in my blog ‘Reflection’ (April 23) when I said it is nice to have quiet time to ‘detach myself from some people’s personal situations’?  My co-worker jokingly teased me when she read it that I am wanting to get away from what we talk about (haha, but no 😉 ).  The week before this, I had been helping someone whose husband had chose to have a medically assisted death.  They both came in to see me a few days before it was to happen and then we arranged a time for me to meet her afterwards.  It was very emotional.  I had also been helping people who had financial difficulty and it affected their credit negatively, someone whose spouse had died recently when they had very young children, people who have been frauded, someone who had been shipped over to Canada at the age of 7 on a boat with other children during the second world war from England when it was too dangerous, who never saw his family again.  Really personal stuff comes up with banking.

The funny thing is, as things have felt more emotional, this last month or so I have felt like something is changing.  Maybe my intuition is increasing, but it also feels like things are being made simple for me and I seem to know some things without prior knowledge or learning of it. I have felt like everyone that I needed to talk to, has called me or stopped in to see me.  Or things that I thought about came into existence.  It has me reflecting that perhaps as my intuition increases, increased emotion goes along with that.

As far as the intuition, Just yesterday, I was in my kitchen and thought ‘I better turn the volume on my phone, I think Jay will call’.  But I decided to water the two plants in my kitchen, and then I would go adjust the volume. I watered the plants, went over to my phone, and there was a missed call from my husband Jay, 1 minute prior.

I like to think that compassion is closely associated with intuition, and that people wanting to be heard will sense this.

I have told you before that I write down in a book of coincidences, or synchronicities that happen, as well as intuitive moments or insights.

I am still writing down these little coincidences or evidences of greater intuition that occur.  Maybe there is a pattern.  This morning something clicked for me in regards to my kids and how I want to treat them (good things, I am not ready to talk about it yet, I need to let it percolate). But I have written something down on this day last year of the same theme.  A sort of epiphany, and then today’s writing brings the pieces together.  I knew I had something on this day last year as it stood out being my younger sister’s birthday (happy Birthday Clare!). I didn’t realize how closely it was linked to today’s thoughts until I opened my book for reference while writing this.

It will be interesting to see how the pattern unfolds.  Also, where my intuition leads me.

Big Hug,


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