Frances Kelsey 2020 Grads part 2!

This is a follow up to my April 21, 2020 post Frances Kelsey Grad 2020.

The video message is done! I started a YouTube channel so it can be shared easily to the grad class and those that helped out. Linked above or look up DevonMcFaddenArt on YouTube!

Trish – seen in the video at the end, is one of the friends mentioned in my blog that has a son graduating this year. Her daughter, Jordan graduated last year so Jordan contributed and they both enlisted other grads to participate. I had my sisters, Meghan and Clare and my brother in law Carl and friends of mine contribute as well: thank you Ali, Chelsea and Sean, Laura, Maryann, Shannon and Rachel as well as all the other grads who helped make this happen!

Of course, it couldnโ€™t have happened without Trish – who helped boss grads to get it done and organized all the videos, and thank you to Ian Ronningen, also a former grad, who did the video editing.

I am so thrilled with how it turned out, it is totally what I envisioned that it could be!

I love the story of the music. You will all recognize the music, and it was played on the piano by one of the 2020 grads. He didnโ€™t know for what purpose he was recording himself play this song. So it was a surprise to him that it was included in this. It is also his brother, a police constable that contributes a short message at the end.

The video was released over the weekend to the 2020 grad class and from what I hear, it was very well received.

So heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined me and contributed even though you didnโ€™t know what the end result would be, I appreciate your trust! I love it, and congratulations to the 2020 grads!

Sending Love,


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