The Magic

Not long ago I was following along a session in Mindvalley, with the discussion being around ways to focus your mind on the good. When we focus on something not going well, we then continue to see things ‘not going well’ around us.

This is talked about a lot of course, with Law of Attraction teaching, with Joe Dispenza – about programming your subconscious (going hand in hand with aligning to heart coherence). With manifesting teachings as well, and what the Heartmath institute teaches.

So naturally, everyone recommends to take mental note of the good things happening. The things you are happy about and grateful for in your life. This ties in with some of my posts recently also about being anxious and finding ways to overcome those feelings. The tip I loved from Vishen of Mindvalley is to actually write down and make a list of what he calls, ‘The Magic that I witnessed today.’ I love that suggestion because it really makes you look around and notice little miracles happening each day. Not just ‘bigger’ things or ‘material’ things to be thankful for, such as ‘I love my house or my car,’ or ‘I am so thankful for the family that I have.’ But when you look for the ‘magic,’ you notice the little miracles around you:

-The sky in the morning was amazing today.

-A lot of things that I consider ‘signs’ showed up for me today.

-The timing of my walk was perfect in that it started to rain just as I got home.

-I saw an Owl on my walk.

-Jay surprised me by bringing me a tea at work.

-A client brought in a gift of those earrings for me.

I started a list in my phone’s note section. Every day I add to it and the list keeps getting longer. I find more things to add every day. Like any new habit, it’s best to keep going. I forgot to note some things and some entire days but that’s ok. I started it up again and then I can also look back on the list and see all the things that made me smile or made me surprised at the synchronicities that manifest.

Keeping a journal or list for your magic that you witnessed serves another purpose. You build up the power of belief and expectancy. Your belief that wonderful things will happen and the expectancy that wonderful things will happen for you, grows stronger. you see the list of magic growing longer and it serves as proof of all the amazing things that happen for you. You can refer to your list and be reminded of little things you may have forgotten about. And then you feel some of the same emotions as when they happened the first time – and this serves another purpose again: you upgrade your frequency. You feel those emotions again, so your frequency improves. So more magic will show up in your life. And as we know, it takes more than positive thought to improve your life. Emotions and the heart are powerful players. If your head and heart are aligned, you can really make magic happen.

I hope your days become full of magic.

Sending Love,


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