Home schooling, done! We survived it. Panic and meltdown on Wednesday evening turned to jubilation Thursday when all was complete.

My older boy, Jordan is in grade 8 and in our school district, the grades 8 through 12 are all in the high school. The high school that I went to and that Jordan is now at, Frances Kelsey, is a self paced school. It was more self paced when I went through it, kids have to be very self motivated. Many kids didn’t complete grade 12 on time. I was motivated to be finished on time as I had signed up and was accepted for a Rotary Exchange for a year to the Netherlands. There is somewhat more guidance to get kids through the courses now. Grade 8 isn’t self paced yet, there is more structure to ease the kids into the system of grade 9 and beyond.

Except… when a pandemic happens and all the assignments turn to online learning. There was a lot of procrastination. A lot of math angst – just as much with me as with Jordan. A lot of social studies research frustration. A lot of asking for video game time. A lot of time spent researching what gaming computer would be saved up for.

The last week there were 15 assignments left. The plan being to finish 5 each day for 3 days. By Wednesday, 5.5 had been fully complete. I do think this time was meant to be and good for Jordan. I did help in explaining research, and what sort of responses would be acceptable, what needed more work and elaboration, and properly reading of instructions to understand what the teacher was looking for and grading on.

I think it has been good practice for coming years. And to see the happiness on his face when he did it, when he accomplished all his work was well worth it. Thursday it was all done. We worked together until about 9:30 in the evening. He had set goals, understood when he should just do the work even though he would rather be doing something else. This gave him his own true sense of accomplishment. He was very proud of himself. For a time that had been so uncertain, it made the pandemic schooling worthwhile, even if it was hard on all of us.

Sending hugs and love,


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