I was sitting on a little chair, looking at the decorations that were to go on the tree and inconspicuously observing my family around me.  Jordan was working on a word search on the back of the advent calendar, Owen was placing a decoration and Jay had the hockey game on.  We had some ginger ale, which is a tree decorating tradition dating back to when I was a kid.  The house was warm and festive and I wanted to take it all in without drawing attention to myself.  Quietly witness and lock into my memory.

The weekend before, we were at my parent’s house for a gathering which I talked about last week.  My younger sister and her husband and boys were visiting from out of town.  They had trekked into the back woods with my dad to find and cut down a Christmas tree for my parents.  My dad was telling us that as the little boys were decorating the tree, he had flashbacks to when his three girls (my sisters and I) were younger.  He felt a bit emotional thinking of those happy times of us girls busily and merrily decorating our tree.  And here it was happening again in their house with the little boys visiting.

So, I thought of this as a few days later, as we were decorating our tree.  The tree that Jordan and I – while Owen was at hockey, had walked over to our little village to buy from the Scouts and carried home.  I want to be conscious of the good times and soak them in and appreciate them as they happen.  I know when I am older, I will miss these days.  As frustrating as the boys can be sometimes, I have to remember this.  So I took a few moments.

Tomorrow, for Christmas, I will cook a turkey and family friends will join us as they do every year, as well as my sister and grandma in-law.  I enjoy hosting and having everyone come to us.  Then boxing day, we go to mom and dad’s place.

What are your family festive traditions, and what do you cherish?

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, with Love,


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