Frances Kelsey Grad 2020

**** June update! Here is the link to the YouTube video! (On YouTube under DevonMcFaddenArt)***

I am interrupting my regularly scheduled weekly blog post to put a call out to former graduates of Frances Kelsey Secondary School.

Two of my most favourite people have kids graduating this year. It happens to be my 20th graduation anniversary from this school. And as these friends are not from the area, I wondered, what can I do as a former grad or what can we do – the alumni. This current situation is the strangest time I have ever seen and it makes me so sad that these grads are missing out on the traditions, the things they had looked forward to during their years in high school.

So with some help and guidance, what has now come together is a video message from the alumni to the Kelsey grads of 2020. If you are a former graduate of Kelsey, please join me and contribute a few video message clips that will be put together to create what I hope will be a special and uplifting message. Please help me in showing support and solidarity for our Kelsey 2020 grads.

The grad committee parents are helping with this and what we need are video clips. Video recordings of each grad saying these phrases:

– Congratulations!

– To the class of two thousand and twenty

-All Alone

– Yes!

100 percent

– a still clip (6 seconds in length)

– any fun or laughing or blooper clip

We will be reaching out to some to also say an individual phrase which will all be compiled together.

My examples of these clips are in the video above.

For best results please:

-film yourself torso up – not full body (as seen in my example)

-have a blank background if possible

-speak clearly obviously 😉

-start your recording, pause, speak, then pause again and stop recording. Don’t rush or have your phrase cut off

-record each phrase separately

Email the video phrases to:

Please send these in by May 9th!!

In the subject line of your email please put your name and graduation year.

Please have fun with it! There are Dr Seuss phrases you will recognize. So don’t be as serious as I am, haha, you will notice I recorded two ‘yes!’ Examples.

Thank you! thank you! thank you!



6 thoughts on “Frances Kelsey Grad 2020

  1. You are fantastic ! What a great Idea. My son is graduating this year from kelsey and I feel so touch that you and the other alumni’s are doing something for our children
    Thank you, Thank you, thank you

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