Become That Way

Last week, writing about how you (or I) get to decide how life goes.  This quote has always proven to be so true:

‘You say what life is like and it becomes that way.’  Have you noticed this?  For example, people tell you that you are lucky, then you think about it, you realize, ‘yes, this is true, I suppose I AM lucky.’  So you believe that about yourself and more lucky things happen.

After high school, I lived in the Netherlands for a year and the only form of ‘instant’ communication other than a phone call was email – from dial up internet at a desktop computer.  I remember I was surprised when a high school friend emailed in response to grade 12 marks stating that I was always really good at everything I did.  This was a surprise to me.  I did get grades I was happy with, a B to B+ average, but I had to work for it, and I knew I could do better.  But when this was stated to me, I really paused and realized this was how ‘people’ saw me.  This is how I came across.  Things came with ease.  So I must be this way.  I then took this compliment as proof to myself to declare that things do ‘come with ease’ and I ‘can do things really well when I want to.’

Of course, confidence in self can come from many sources, or instances, but this is an example of how sometimes you aren’t necessarily aware of how you come across.  With evidence, you come to believe things about yourself.  This is think, is also why I am a firm believer in removing ‘I can’t’ from my vocabulary.  Maybe I can, and I don’t want to set limitations or beliefs on what I can and cannot do.

Why not grasp onto the positive proof of the person that you can be and become that way? Trust me, after I found a four leaf clover (June 30th, 2015 – just confirmed with my Instagram post on my personal account), I have been affirming how lucky I am to myself ever since (ironically enough, the very post on my personal account AFTER finding the four leaf clover, is a picture of myself with Trevor Linden – former Canucks Hockey player, so how lucky was that?).   I will tell you a story next week as well about another lucky happening, and as it turns out, my life is unfolding and becoming that way. 😉

I would love to hear your experiences with this as well, please share!




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