Make It A Good Day

Maybe it is just because it is summer and we have more hours of daylight, but I always enjoy doing little things to make the day more enjoyable which makes the week more enjoyable.  Little things outside of the normal routine that make the day feel more like a holiday.

Last week at my work we had some changes announced that were quite unexpected.  I really wanted to keep a positive attitude as it is easy to get caught up wondering what other changes will be next and how quickly they will come.  I reminded myself that work isn’t my whole life and there are other things to think about, I shouldn’t let my thoughts run rampant in this work ‘bubble’.

That same day we were celebrating having had drywall removed from our home that had asbestos in it.  We had a happy evening at home and we were all in high spirits.  Obviously, my husband and I cared about this much more than our boys did.  We cleaned some of the demo work of studs which were removed and envisioned how our home will look and next steps.

We took the boys out – they rode their bikes and we walked, through our little village and to the lake.  On the way home, Jay and I were comparing our step counters on our phone.  He had walked 13km and hadn’t even left our little property!  He had been preparing concrete formwork outside and completing the demo work.  we had a good laugh about me not completing many steps – my phone does sit in my purse next to me all day to be fair – and he walked so much and didn’t go anywhere.

When the days are shorter, we wouldn’t be out waking in the evening. It is little things like this, outside the every day routine that make you feel like you don’t have a care in the world.  It was an amazing day.  I can’t allow things that happen in one area of my life to creep in and break into the happiness of other areas.  Realistically, something happening at work that is a change for now, will soon be a memory and life goes on. And my point is, it doesn’t matter what it is that is changing or going on in one area of my life, or you with your life, it helps to keep this perspective and find something else to enjoy or be thankful for.  You can make it a good day.  We all have that power over our own life.

Met Liefde / With Love,


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