I had a notification that this is my 5 year Blogiversary! Its hard to believe it’s been 5 years since I started the blog – which was really just a means to begin a website – when I didn’t have much website content. It was a way to get started on my renewed art journey when I didn’t have a portfolio built up yet.

Since then, I have had a space to share some writing, weekly. Who knew I’d be this devoted 😅 ~ haven’t missed a week! I feel I needed something to keep me consistent creatively. The Instagram page is the other piece to it. Posting artistic creations regularly, and the blog for putting thoughts on ‘paper’ regularly. Both with the result of keeping the creative thinking flowing. The website was really the longer term goal, but I have enjoyed writing thoughts down more than I expected. Sometimes I will browse back to remember what I wrote about 😅.

For the 16 years between art school and starting my artwork again, including this blog, I think I was anxious for a creative outlet. Having kids and focusing on family and a job and everything that goes with all of that, combined with telling myself I didn’t have space in my home, or didn’t have time – and other obstacles… just shows how much I was fooling myself. I ‘could’ have started all of this years sooner, but we all have to do things in our own way and our own time. Learn lessons which allow us to expand our mind frame or grown our consciousness. And then, when we are ready, the right things for us enter our lives. The right opportunity, the right idea, the right friendship or connection.

And before we know it, a few years have passed since we had the courage to start. To begin and pursue something that began as a ‘what if I tried this..’ A few years have gone by since the beginning of something that led to a whole lot of other somethings. And a whole lot of other ideas.

It’s been fun. Thanks for reading! Looking forward to the next 5!

Sending Love, Devon

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