You Decide

A theme that is appearing in my life lately and a lot of what I am reading about, all comes back to the belief that: “your life will simply be as good as you allow it to be.” In short, you decide.

Only I can control what kind of a day I have – what I can allow to ‘bother me’, which affects my mood and energy, and what I allow to give me joy and peace of mind – what I take the time to notice and appreciate.

Mel Robbins says: “The most influential person in your life is you.  When you start to realize that you have the most influence over everything in your life, it’s a game change.”

Bentinho Massaro says: “This is the evidence of your power: you say what life is like and it becomes that way.” Have you noticed that too?  Which is why I had started ages ago to reaffirm positive things in my life, and my computer logon password at work (which I type in dozens of times every day as I have to lock my computer every time I get up from my desk) is always a message I am working on imprinting into my subconscious.

In my reading lately as well which has resonated with me is:

“The way you live your life should be your number one passion.  It is great to have other passions, but if the way you manage your vibration is not your number – one priority, then life will have its seemingly random way with you.”  Bentinho Massaro again.  He also says: “Develop a ‘no-nonsense policy’ field toward your own thinking that prioritizes your frequency above all else.  Let there be absolute clarity: ‘This is who I am.  This is what I want to feel: I want to feel amazing, so I’m going to define life in a way that connects me to my higher self’s vibrational state and way of seeing.  This is my sole priority.” I also think you could interchange the word ‘seeing’ with ‘being’ – to declare that I will connect with ‘my higher self’s vibrational state and way of being.’

I love this, I have to say.  I have always had this stubbornness about how I absolutely hate it when others affect how I am feeling in a negative way.  I strongly avoid using the word hate, but I think here I will throw caution to the wind and declare that I do hate it.  I have always been someone who cares what people think, but if I allow my mood to be affected in a negative way by someone’s else thoughts, words or actions, I loathe this.  I am much more aware and in-tune with this lately and more quickly see the lesson of why I have been faced with the scenario, and what ultimately, provides the deeper understanding of myself (But this could be a whole other blog post).

So being the most influential person in my life, you know what? I will decide.  Because I can, and who better to decide for me, than me.  Do you know what I also found helpful lately? To ‘allow’ is to ‘trust’.  So by allowing the life you want, you are trusting yourself.  Decide. And show trust.



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