Last week in Become That Way, I was talking about this quote:

“You say what life is like and it becomes that way.”

I told you about finding a four leaf clover in June of 2015 and declaring myself to be a lucky person ever since.  I do know in general, I am very ‘lucky’ or fortunate: my family, my friends, my job, my life really.  I am very blessed.

But, let me tell you about December 28th, of last year.

We were at a World Juniors hockey game in Victoria.  It was USA vs. Kazakhstan.  Owen, our youngest was playing on the ice in the intermission with his novice hockey team, and they were all given team Canada jerseys. (Speaking of luck, how lucky was he?)

The kids and a parent rode to the game on a bus and had tickets for entry, so we had to get tickets for Jordan and myself and we brought my sister in law, and gram in law with us.

All day, I had the intention that I would get a 50/50 ticket and I would win.  I was thinking to myself,  ‘I can win, why can’t I?  I just declared that it would be me.  I also knew, that it didn’t matter if I spent $20 to buy 50/50 tickets, or $50, the amount didn’t matter, it only mattered that I knew the numbers I had would be the winner. So with that intention, I walked up to someone to buy the tickets.  Her printer jammed when it was printing, so only half a ticket printed, and she had to print a replacement.

This next bit is very personal for me, but it is important to the story.  I had read in a new book of mine two days prior, that I had received as a gift: The Power (a law of attraction book) that talked about the power of the feeling of love.  And not necessarily the romantic kind, but love that can encompass all good feelings.  That feeling is more powerful than thought, and what feeling is more powerful than love?

So it had also been my intention that day to exude love – joy and gratitude.

I am sure you can guess what happened, as why would I go to the effort of writing this experience?

My numbers were called. And I won $13,000.00 that day.

We were not sitting near Owen and my husband, so Jordan and I texted a picture of me holding the envelope of cash as the police then wanted to escort us to my car before the game was over, for our protection.

Yes I was still in shock after all.  And I bet you can guess another truth that I have declared to myself from then on: I Am Powerful.

with LOVE,



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