‘Your future self is watching you right now through your memories.”

Since I saw this quote, I pay more attention and give more thought to the memories that pop up in my mind.  As well, after exploring ‘peace of mind’ more closely in two recent blogs, I have been reviewing (you could say), the memories that give me peace of mind or happiness.  With this perspective, it does feel more like I am watching my past self.  And then, when memories come up, I really grab on to them and enjoy being in their presence again (the presence of my memories).

Last week, what popped into my mind was my trip to Ontario in September of 1997.

My mom, grandma and my aunt would go to Ontario to visit my grandma’s brother Harold who was living in St Thomas.  They had grown up in Port Arthur, Ontario (now called Thunder Bay). One year, they took my older sister Meghan with them, and the following year, it was my turn.  We had so much fun, we laughed a lot and I got to meet my great uncle who I hadn’t met before.  I also got to experience Ontario in late September.  Apples, red and golden leaves and stunning scenery.  To be treasured for sure.

I don’t remember why it was I was thinking back on this trip.  I hadn’t thought about it for a while, but it could be because I miss my grandma Ethel, so maybe she had something to do with it. 😉

It is comforting to remember wonderful memories and be in the perspective of watching myself enjoying those times.  The love is what stands out.  Isn’t that an interesting thing about memories? The feelings are what stands out.  I think there is more understanding to be found here.  When there is a certain feeling you are thinking of, memories come up in your mind that gave those feelings.  If you want to feel a feeling, memories come back to you and as you focus on these memories and the feelings they produced, more and more memories come back.  A good way to shift focus to the positive.

And then, in the present moment, I think – smile now, enjoy and appreciate this moment now, my future self may want to look back and recall this simple moment.



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