Stranger: “Devon is a very unusual name.”

Me: “Thank you!”

I guess he wasn’t actually paying me a compliment.  It was an observation.  Which my reply alone should tell you how I feel about my name.  Assuming compliment, responding with sincere enthusiasm.

I have loved growing up with my name.  My mom had traveled around Europe and the UK and really loved the area of Devon and the name.  I like that it isn’t very common, it’s nice to be unique.  I also like surprising people when they expect to be meeting a male.

Devon England is on my bucket list. I would love to go there some day.  There is also now an artist on Instagram that I follow (she does wedding stationary). I love her work, and she puts on watercolour classes!  (That would be so fun, I think that will go on my ‘to do in Devon England bucket list.’)

My last name used to be Jones – so easy.  And when I married my husband, he said to me, ‘prepare to spell your name for the rest of your life!’  I laughed, oh please, I already have been with my first name (since my name is pronounced like Devon England, sounds like Devin), so what is spelling my full entire name?  I really like my last name too. It was nice to have Jones – you almost feel like you are part of a big tribe because it is so common, but I really like that McFadden isn’t common either.  We have been approached by people in the area who have that last name too and wondering if we are connected, but my husband didn’t know his dad, or his family.

How did you get your name, and how do you feel about it? I love hearing name stories!



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