Isn’t it so fun when different surprises (good surprises) show up in your life?

Those unexpected gifts or little things that come up out of nowhere. Some little, some not so little things that seem so synchronistic. Like when you are grateful and more things show up to be grateful for.

A little over a week ago, we got a call. My husband’s friend needed to coordinate 16 brand new cars getting driven around to put some mileage on them. The cars needed to have 700km driven on them just to make sure everything worked and all was well, before journalists would get them to test out and write reviews on them. Would we want to take one?

Um.. yes. Yes, we would. Gas was covered, we could take the car for a week. we just returned it yesterday. Super fun. It’s completely new, so of course it was a great to drive, navigation, heated seats, heated steering wheel, auto wipers, all the bells and whistles. Who knew such a task even existed? People do this? It was such an out of the blue surprise, which made it all the more funny.

Then, Friday rolls around. I have written a few times about how I watch Mindvalley ‘masterclasses’ and I had signed up for a free session for teens to do with my son (Be Extraordinary for Teens). I often watch the hour long interview when there is a guest or topic of interest. A while back, I watched the session with Jim Kwik who is a brain coach. He has a program called Superbrain. In the program, he teaches you how to learn, how to build and improve your memory. I had really wanted to sign up about two months ago, the topic really gets me so pumped, but the price made me pause. I was so tempted as I could bring Jordan along these learnings too.

So, back to Friday. Friday morning, I get an email. The program is being offered for a substantial discount, for a small window of time. For the price offered, totally do-able. 100% on board. So I signed up. Jordan and I have so far gone through the intro videos. What was more thrilling for me was that in one of the intro lessons, Jordan paused the session. Said “do you have a notebook?” Then says, “I want to write this down.” He paused it a couple more times to take some notes. A big deal for a 15 year old kid who doesn’t necessarily like school and doing the work involved. All the lessons are under 20 minutes, so it’s not unrealistic taking attention spans into account.

I had two paintings of mine made into prints and I picked them up last week and am thrilled with how they turned out. Then yesterday, a client from work brings a box of chocolates in for us.

Sometimes it’s little surprises, or big surprises, but when the days come that the surprises feel few and far between, the weeks like this one are great to remember, to pull the feeling from and boost the dull days. Remember how you feel when good things happen. As you know, when you focus on the good, more good seems to flow.

Sending Love,


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