September is always a time for a schedule re-set.  Starting new schedules, getting into routines. It feels like the month just flew by while we scrambled to get to the boys’ activities and new school routine for our oldest.  Jordan started high school and he is also in a hockey academy for school, putting him on the ice Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 7:30-8:20.  Both boys have had hockey practices and games and Jordan is refereeing again this season.

Owen is finished school earlier now, so I leave work to meet him at the bus and bring him home until Jordan arrives.  At least my work is flexible that way for me to adjust my lunch break 😊, for that I am thankful.

September has gone by in a flash with all these activities, and throw in there a meet the teacher night, a school BBQ, an evening at a Victoria Royals hockey game where our Novice team was fundraising and we were selling 50/50 tickets, a Canucks pre-season hockey game in Victoria and a game at our local Kerry Park Islanders Junior team where Owen was the ‘7th man’ on the ice.

October is now already here! It feels like every season change and every schedule change that goes along with that I need to re-focus what I want to accomplish.  I want to spend more time producing even more creative works and writing.  I know I can do better at what I am creating so I want to really create quality works.  Honestly, I just want to be home and inside and creating and baking and hibernating, haha. I love fall and winter, just as I love and appreciate every season.  There is always something to enjoy and look forward to.

How do you feel about entering the final months of the year?  Is it normal that every year seems to accelerate more and more? That is how I am feeling!

Happy October!



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