LOA Peace of Mind

Last week, I was talking about this quote I found “love is happiness, money is peace of mind.”

To start from this section on my post last week:

Fill your life with love that gives you happiness but enjoy peace of mind by knowing you don’t have to worry about your finances.  That is the goal, isn’t it?

I think if people really understood these two things there would be a lot less heartache in the world.

So let’s talk about the Law of Attraction factor in this.  If you think of the quote ‘Be the energy you want to attract,” how can you attract Peace of Mind?  I think it would be trying anything to really feel peace of mind.  How can you do that? Well, what helps you get to those feelings? What thoughts or memories bring that Peace of Mind feeling?

I constructed a list for me.  When I started this Law of Attraction journey, one of the first things I did was create a list of things that make me happy, great memories or things I enjoy.  The idea being that if you need a quick mood booster, you have a list that will make you smile.  This is really a very similar exercise, but specific to what makes you really feel at peace.  Things that make you feel safe, that you never need to justify yourself, worry about what others think perhaps.  The smells – with my dad being a carpenter, I love the smell of lumber, especially when it is freshly cut, it is such a calming smell for me.  The songs – I have a few, but one was popular as I was graduating high school and about to go off for my year in the Netherlands (I hope You Dance, by Lee Ann Womack – that embodies life possibilities for me).  The memories – anything to do with Christmas really, as growing up my family focused on the together time and kindness and special traditions.

There is much more on my list including things I generally enjoy, like reading, or having a cozy fire on in the woodstove.  There have been times when some anxiety tries to creep in, and I find thinking of these things really helps.  It brings calm and peace and helps to steady the emotions.

Attracting Peace of Mind is really where I want my ‘mood’ to be.  And as the quote by Marcus Aurelius states: “You have power over your mind, not outside events.  Realize this and you will find strength.”  Any little tricks to help me utilize the power in my mind will benefit me and allow me to enjoy life keeping anxieties at bay.

Do you have any Peace of Mind tips to share with me?



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