This week I listened to podcast two five five ~ 255 (Jay Shetty ~ On Purpose). I had been repeatedly listening to 243 for a few weeks now and last week I had this intuition telling me to open up Jay Shetty’s podcast and see what was new. The most recent one, 255, was with guest Bob Proctor. If you watched ‘The Secret’ movie or read the book, you will know him from that.

This was synchronistic as I am a fan of Bob Proctor and have listened to him speak through YouTube. Although he is older (he is 87 as of this month), and he names some people that are not known or relevant now, he has some timeless advice.

He has mentioned in other interviews / talks that he reads books continuously. He reads them over and over to the point years go by and he is still reading the same book. He knows this reinforces learning. “No amount of reading is going to make you successful, it is the application of wise thoughts that really count.” That is why he reads to absorb, to the point of full comprehension.

In the Podcast, Bob Proctor explains that he takes advice from people who have done what he aims to do, people with the experience of doing. He suggests you look for those people who have been there, done that (successfully) as the ones to model after.

A quote that really stuck out for me was ‘by their fruits you will know them.’ Something be says often, simply to mean you have to see someone’s results to know how they have been applying their learning, or how they have been living their life.

He also talked more of the law of attraction, that in his opinion, it can be explained in much greater detail than ‘The Secret’ went into. That you only attract to you what you are in harmony with. The law of vibration is the primary law, and law of attraction is the secondary law. Joe Dispenza says it also in his teachings that the thought sends the signal out, the feelings magnetically draw the experiences or events to us.

One of my favourite things Bob Proctor says is to have an enthusiasm for life, explaining that Enthos is of greek origin meaning, ‘in spirit’ or ‘god within’. To have an enthusiasm for life and finding what it is you love doing and just go and do it. To ask yourself what is it that I really want in this life? What does your spirit or soul love doing?

Another favourite advice is when Jay Shetty asks if there is one law that everyone should live by, and his answer is to leave everyone with an impression of increase. Cause everyone to feel better because you have been there. What a great answer. Something to aspire to with every interaction. Approaching situations with the intention to up-level, to increase the vibration. To increase knowledge or kindness. Something to ponder… what can I increase?

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