Sharing Stories

Usually in a group setting, I feel like I am really boring as I don’t have a gift of gab and people will exchange stories of instances in their lives and I don’t feel like I can think of and then tell a story on any given topic in those times.  I like to laugh, so I usually just laugh at stories being told.  And people who like to have this reaction to their stories like my presence as I am always ready to laugh (I have actually been told this).

As I am going through my photos and creating the illustrations once a week of my boys (see Instagram), I realize how many little stories I do have that are important to me.  Every story tells a picture.  I am loving looking back and being reminded of the funny, cute or special moments we have had.  The illustration is posted on Instagram, with the photo behind it, simply swipe to see!  My boys like it too, the illustration of Jordan with the Corgi dog he met, he asked me to have printed as his birthday card which I did when he turned 13 on June 1st.

I had grown up being very shy and quiet, so I had always been very conscious and aware of being that person who just likes to ‘hear their own voice.’  I guess I have a purpose when I talk, and don’t talk to just fill space.  I do, however, like to share stories and having a blog like this, and an art space like Instagram, is a way I can share without forcing it on anyone.  If you want to read my stories, you can join in, read and you are welcome to respond with comments 😊.

The illustrations are a fun way to share that little paragraph of the story behind the photo, and next week I will share something more in-depth (in particular, my personal experience with NASA and the International Space Station).

Thanks for reading,



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