“In a growth mindset, challenges are exciting rather than threatening.  So rather than thinking, oh I’m going to reveal my weaknesses, you say, wow, here’s a chance to grow.”  – Carol Dweck.

I have to admit, upon reflecting on this statement, I can say revealing my weaknesses has been a fear of mine.  I do think A LOT before I will agree to something.

When it comes to revealing a weakness, I have always been worried about my conversation skills.  I have never had the ‘gift of gab’.  I think much more than I speak.  I have always been afraid of coming across like I am not smart enough, or not knowing things I ‘should’ know.  The overthinker in me also doesn’t want to come across as though I think I know more than I do.  This weakness has, I am sure (ironically), hindered my conversation skills as I have hesitated and not acted (joining in conversation), far more than I have.

Another weakness ties back to my forgiveness piece in that I haven’t had a lot of patience with my boys.  I get snappy, impatient and rude.  I would be horrified if people witnessed it.  Leading up to Mother’s Day, through conversation and reflection came to perspective that I don’t recall my mom being snappy or impatient and don’t feel like she was rude to me.  So I thought if I don’t remember feeling that from my childhood, I certainly wouldn’t want my boys to have memories of an impatient mommy who didn’t listen.  (*Note: this isn’t all the time. Just when I am cranky/ hungry maybe?  I don’t flat out ignore them I will have you know😉).  This was a great help to my perspective and I have been mindful ever since about how I react to them.  The fact that my oldest will be 13 within two weeks makes this revelation pretty pathetic, doesn’t it?

A few conclusions then: challenges aren’t necessarily a bad thing, it allows for weaknesses to be revealed which leads to growth and new perspectives.  That is the goal isn’t it? To continue to grow and improve?  When was the last time you reflected on your weaknesses?  And upon facing them: Wow, here is a chance to grow.



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