New Year

2018 is now officially in the past, and it was an amazing year.

I am so thankful for my family, husband and boys and our cozy home.  When coming into 2018, I had felt that my quality of life had already improved so much with a more positive attitude.  But now that 2018 is over, I feel like it gave me so much more.  I am so grateful that I have taken steps and made progress towards what I really love.  I am sorry I hadn’t started my art work page and more writing long ago, but I know everything happens in the right time, so feel that it was meant to be and all happened as it should have.

I have had a small break from my day job and have had a great holiday over Christmas.  We spent a lot of time at the hockey rink between practices, extra development practice for our younger one who is hockey obsessed, a tournament for him that he was invited to join another team, and he also played at the intermission of the World Junior Hockey USA vs. Kazakhstan game! It was a thrill for him.  Our local Tim Horton’s owner and former hockey player had a big bus pick up the team – kids and a parent each and take them to Victoria for the game. They also got to keep the TimBits hockey Canada Jersey they wore for the occasion.

I also had 3 book ideas in the past week that I am very excited about!

I am excited about the start of a new year, it always feels refreshing to set new goals and visions for the year ahead.  I plan to keep submitting stories and also work on developing my new book ideas and accompanying illustrations.

I will continue to get up at 5am, paint, write and I want to do a lot of reading as well.  I received a plethora of new books for Christmas that I can’t wait to dive into.  I have already started ‘The Power’ (follow up to ‘The Secret’) and the 5am Club.

What do you look forward to doing during the coming year?

Happy 2019 to you!



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