Conversation with my sister and some friends the other day was around wanting to be braver and bold.

The following morning, the opportunity presented itself in the form of performing a random act of kindness for a stranger.

I was conflicted whether I should write about this as I am not a fan of people doing a random act of kindness and then telling everyone about it.  I think it makes the person who offered kindness look like they are looking for approval or a pat on the back (trust me, I have been guilty of this as has everyone), which shouldn’t be the reason to perform an act of kindness.  So, although I don’t like to seek approval, I wanted to explain that I have this timid-ness, probably deep ingrained in how I have always been, that I often wish I would have been bold enough, but doubt holds me back.  So I am telling you about this one since I had the boldness to go through with it.  It orchestrated itself perfectly in that I couldn’t have been in a more appropriate place for that time.  I jumped in and kindness was spread and I just asked that this stranger pay it forward one day.  The stranger agreed after what felt like was a little assessment at my body language or demeaner if I truly didn’t expect anything in return.

Upon reflection, I did consider maybe my timid-ness isn’t a bad thing or I may be broke (haha, joking), but being the over-thinker that I am, it has held me back from jumping in with kindness when I had really wanted to and then I would kick myself after for not being assertive.

In this scenario, the feeling of being brave enough mattered more to me then the spreading of kindness. Does that make sense? I guess what I mean is, I am fortunate I was able to spread some kindness, while overcoming a fear that has often held me back.  Win- win.


p.s. this is the 60th blog post! 60 weeks consecutively 😊 thanks for reading!



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