Last week, I talked about my 2020 experience, so it occurred to me to call this post ‘year ahead.’ But, let’s face it, I haven’t thought much of the ‘year’ ahead at this point. January has just been on my mind. My co-worker and friend will be leaving after the end of this month as our training time together (with me in my new role) will be over. (See post *Working Out* of November 3rd) I still have so much information I want to soak up from her! The days are going by so fast at work because I am loving it.

I am not one to make ‘resolutions’ but January is always a natural time to think of things I want to focus on, or do differently. As I mentioned last week, over Christmas break I always get such a reading itch where that is all I want to do. I already finished a book called ‘Breath’ by James Nestor. Probably the single most fascinating book I have ever read. I aim to read a lot more this year, with 3 others on the go currently as well.

I started a workout from an online workout platform. I have gotten up to do this at 5am since the 4th (except Sunday). It gives me so much energy for my day. I forgot how much my mental health thrives from this. This workout is Beachbody’s Transform 20. 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week for 6 weeks. The length of time is perfect and the intensity is perfect, I am trying to keep up in week 2, so there is room to grow. As a side note, I had done Beachbodys ‘Insanity’ workout in the past, which is 45-65 minutes a day. Loved it, but I like to start getting ready for work by 6, so an hour plus of exercise (not to mention stretch, cool off in there) isn’t realistic for my mornings. I love the fact that I can do this at home and someone else is planning the workout, all I have to do is show up and follow along!

I suppose I should put more thought and planning into my year ahead. Write down on paper what I hope to achieve or manifest. Writing it down always solidifies what it is we really want. And then consciously or not, we work towards that goal, don’t we?

So to sum up, my January will be to put vision to paper, what I would like the following 11 months to look like. Some non-negotiables, and some hope-tos. With my January getting off to a good start, it helps set the tone for the remainder of the year.

How do you go about your visioning?

Sending Love,


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