Level of Creativity

How creative do you think you are?  Level of creativity is so fascinating to me.

Some people embrace it and understand their own far better than others.  Most people don’t give themselves enough credit.  I really don’t like blanket statements about people being creative or not.  To be in the ‘not’ category is really limiting yourself.  Don’t you think it makes that person believe it and live that ‘not’ creative life?

Growing up, I was told I was creative.  Of course, moments occur when I doubt myself.  People that I deemed to be more creative would appear in my life and it’s natural to question your own methods, style and skill level.

The most interesting thing is that it is all a matter of opinion.  Any creativity just starts in play.  Experimentation.  Just try something and don’t compare yourself with others while you are playing.  So you say you aren’t creative with painting. Why does that mean you aren’t creative, period?  Maybe your creativity lies in something else. Flower arranging, clay, woodworking, cartooning, interior design, blacksmithing.

Particularly while in art school, I remember agonizing (more than once) that I couldn’t paint like one of the other girls. I loved her pop art style, but that style doesn’t come naturally to me.  In high school, there was one in particular that was known as the ‘best’ at drawing.  Her detail was to be envied.  I have (slowly) realized over the years that I can’t try to be like someone else.  Your best comes out when you are true to you.  I am still working on what ‘my’ signature look is, hence, the varied works that I present on my Instagram account Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I went to a Paint Nite recently with a co-worker friend.  We had so much fun painting and drinking wine as the event was at a local winery.  One of my favourite things is seeing the outcome of everyone’s work.  We are all painting the same thing but none of them look the same.  None of the paintings are ‘wrong’.

So who’s to say you aren’t creative?  Did you grow up thinking you are creative?



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