Life Experience

Growing up with a dad that is a carpenter, I found that you know you are a carpenter’s daughter when:

-you know the difference between concrete and cement

-you know the difference between ‘level’ and ‘plumb’

-you notice trim work and architectural details and features on buildings

-you notice shoddy work

-most likely refer to your jewellery as hardware


Last week, I was talking about letting go of some side job work that is no longer a part of my ‘personal legend’.  One of these side jobs is drafting home plans.

I have enjoyed the drafting work.  I felt fortunate to have learned a skill that could earn an income for my family.  I have moved away from drafting home plans since I do work full time and each set of home plans is so involved since I draft by hand with pencil, and it requires research to make sure notes go along with the requirements of the current building code.   And as I explained last week, it is important for me to have time to do things I really enjoy and want to spend more time on – writing and artwork.

Before, when I wasn’t working at a job full time, there wasn’t enough drafting work that was consistent.  I still have recently done a little bit of this work only if my husband is building the project.  I drew the plans for our own home reno that is currently underway – we are putting in a full basement from an area that was a sloped dirt crawlspace.  We dug out underneath our house and have not lifted the home at all, so it is a fun, unique job.  I do find there is a lot I have learned with my dad and then my husband being carpenters.  I feel very fortunate that I had this work experience and skill in my repertoire.

When I interviewed for the full-time job that I currently have (which started as part time), I remember the interviewers asking me to explain the link between the variety in my experience.  They felt that it seemed like a hodge-podge of drastically different work experience.  My resume includes being an international exchange student, art school diploma, admin assistant and bookkeeping work, banking (teller when I was in college), and then the drafting and also estimating for the local building supply.   It IS a hodge-podge of experience.  I like that about my story.  Variety is good to help steer you in the direction you know you want.  I am a fan of life experience.

So next week, is the 52nd BLOG! 52 weeks of posts! I hope you will check back next week as it will be a special post.


Big hug,


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