I had a blog post already planned, but I am now deciding – Christmas Day night, to switch gears.

We celebrate Christmas, and have just said goodnight to our good friends who were over for dinner. It has been a fantastic day, and I am so grateful, I truly have a wonderful life. I cook a turkey dinner every year as I like it when people come to us. As a kid, I most enjoyed the years when we would stay home and Christmas dinner was hosted at our house. So we started the tradition of cooking the turkey here, my husband’s sister and grandma are always welcome for dinner – and they are mostly here although they each accepted other invitations this year. Another tradition is that our friends the Beauregards come over. They are friends we met 7 years ago when they moved from Calgary. Their youngest boy and our oldest shared their kindergarten class. The tradition of them joining us for Christmas happened 6 years ago. They had a turkey and Holly’s dad was visiting them. Christmas Eve they discovered as the turkey was thawing that it had completely gone foul. We were texting about Christmas plans and since I always get the largest turkey available, I suggested they join us. They both come from larger families and enjoy group gatherings during the holidays. Their 3 kids and our 2 have enjoyed playing together.

Tomorrow we go to my parents house for dinner. They live close by and we will see my older sister, husband and their 2 kids. I will miss my younger sister, her husband and their 2 boys this season. They live on the mainland, a ferry ride away.

This week, the World Junior Hockey tournament is going on in Victoria and Vancouver. Our youngest one will get to play with his novice time during the intermission of the USA vs. Kazakhstan game on Friday in Victoria. He loves hockey so much. He asked for a suit for Christmas since hockey players wear suits on game day. He got his suit today and wore it all day and didn’t want to take it off.

I am looking forward to the rest of the week spending time with my family and the New Year! What do you enjoy most about this time of year?

I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas if you celebrate! It is almost a new year which is when I feel motivated and refreshed with new goals and hopes for the coming months. Lots to look forward to!

Wishing you all love, light and happiness,


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