In the last week I was anxious about completing some work I had to do for my ‘other’ job, our construction business.

I had to change my thinking and adapt that old saying to change my words from ‘I have to do this work’ to ‘I get to do this work’.  This worked too, by the way, I recognized the benefit of getting this done would be peace of mind and being more organized.

It also just so happens, that I am reading a personal growth book that I received at Christmas, called the 5 am Club.  It turns out I needed it in my life right now.  I had been reading a section that emphasizes that when you don’t feel like doing something is precisely when you should be doing that task.  It helps to grow your will power.

There are a lot of things that I felt was silly in this book (I actually rolled my eyes loudly – meaning: the most dramatic eye roll you can envision), but there are so many valuable lessons and information in this.  I am quite inspired.  There are a lot of good quotes and information and practical advice, it deserves a second read to really take it all in.  The main theme of appreciating life, finding your passion and allowing your passion to guide you to live a magical life is where I am at right now.

Because of this book, I am anxious to keep the momentum going, to grow my will power, and I want to take action every day to get things from my list completed.  In an effort to really GMST (my new term for ‘get my s*** together’).  I have said (written) before, and I will say (write) it again, that there is just so much I want to do and accomplish.  My biggest challenge is fitting it all in while working full time.  Making time for writing that I want to do, and art that I want to create is not negotiable.

How do you cope when you are anxious about all that you have to do?  Please share with me!



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