Help Yourself

“Man stands in his own shadow and wonders why it’s dark.”

-Zen Proverb

I have been known to overthink things.  I also overthink the overthinking of things.  With my law of attraction learning, I have come to realize how much more power I have if I stop worrying and get out of my own way.

“We can make ourselves miserable or we can make ourselves strong.  The amount of effort is the same.”

-Pema Chodron

I used to think that worry was my friend who had my back.  If I worried and thought about all these different possible scenarios, I felt like I could be more prepared.  I guess I thought that if I mentally prepared for a bad outcome, then I would be tickled if the outcome wasn’t as bad as what I braced myself for.  That actually sounds awful now that I write this out.

What I have learned with the law of attraction, is that if I act grateful, happy, content and expect a good outcome, that is the reality that I will experience.  I am shifting my mindset.

And with this mindset shift, I am more prepared to also expect and go after wonderful things that make me happy.  Such as creating.  Now I am more aware of how to help myself achieve my goals.

With the law of attraction, I often see the term being in ‘alignment’, meaning for your energy to be aligned with what you want so the law of attraction – the belief that ‘like attracts like’ can work.

So as far as my goals and working smarter, being in ‘alignment’ is using leverage.  Feeling good, having a good attitude, is putting me in the right frame of mind to make the work easier, and the good things can come naturally.  Who says working toward your dream has to be hard?  Shift your mindset and allow the law of attraction to do its thing.

It has taken some practice for sure, but I think being happy and at peace and expecting everything to be rigged in my favour is a much better way to live than being a worry wart.  It is a much better use of my energy to enjoy my life.

I challenge you to also help yourself.



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