Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction Factor:

In October of 2016, I made a decision that would begin to transform my world.

I decided I needed to make a commitment to think positive and happy thoughts every day.  I created a secret board on Pinterest (I love Pinterest) of happy, motivational messages and quotes.  I started to collect quite a few and read them in the morning while drying my hair, and also in the evening before going to bed.  Not long after beginning this, I started to pick one quote each morning to text to the group text between my mom and 2 sisters.  Not long after I added my aunt (who is the most positive person I have ever known).  The others would join in as well, send a message to us.  It is the best way to start the day.

While searching for these positive quotes every day, I soon realized what I was doing was called the Law of Attraction.  I was working on changing my thought patterns and habits to be happier, positive and grateful.

*Note about this before we go further – I had always considered myself to be a positive person, I try to look at the bright side of situations, but what brought on this desire to adjust my thoughts on a consistent basis is the truth that I could get damn cranky.  I could be cranky or grouchy at our kids, or if something didn’t go just as I imagined, if the house was a big mess…  Now, looking back, I wasn’t nearly as positive as I thought I was. It was just like life and tiredness taking over my thoughts. *

Back to what I was saying, as I realized I was practicing Law of Attraction, I would search quotes on this and came across ‘the Secret’ which is a book on the subject.  By now, this is January of 2017, I bought the book and read it.

This book was just what I was looking for without knowing I was looking for something.

I have to say, it has made such a difference.  I am aware of my thoughts now, so I nip the negativity before it can fester.  I realized I don’t need to be cranky for stupid, ridiculous reasons.  I am at peace with the things I can’t control and the things I shouldn’t be worried about controlling – house not as clean as I would like, for example.

My quality of life has improved so much since beginning this new way to ‘be’.  I am a work in progress, and I take comfort knowing I have new skills to enjoy the moments.

– Devon

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