I have said before that when I started my law of attraction learning I had considered myself to be a positive person.  Although, as I am living it more, I have found holes or flaws in how positive I used to be.  I hadn’t realized I could be more positive, that my heart was bigger.

I think there are so many actions that come about because of habit or programming.  I realized how many times it felt like I had my ‘head in the sand’ and I would be so ‘busy’ following habits of action.  Busy complaining about something.  Busy comparing to other people.  Busy worrying about what tasks I had on my calendar that day.  Busy thinking about dumb stressors that I didn’t have control over, but the worrying about it maybe gave me the illusion that I ‘had control’ with giving it my attention.  Busy getting through one day at a time to make it to the next day to start again.  Busy thinking that I was working towards some goal that if I look at honestly, I didn’t get anywhere, did I?

I am glad that I naively considered myself to be a positive person or else I would likely have been depressed or something I can only imagine.

Now I am realizing my potential of how positive I can truly be, to a level I hadn’t realized was possible.  It feels like I am looking back at all the moments in my life as an observer.  Watching my experiences and having a newfound appreciation of where I am now.  It makes me think of physics and how time works and maybe time does work in a spiral and I can observe my past moments objectively standing right next to my past self.  Being the silent watcher.

Now that I have an awareness of this, I am so thankful for how much more positivity I have in my life then I did before.  Still a work in progress, no doubt.  And now I try to look and observe the moment I am in.  Take in my surroundings.  Silently watch moments unfolding.

One last thing. If you have read the book ‘Pride and Prejudice’ which is one of my all time favourites, the opening line starts with: “It is a truth universally acknowledged…”  I always like this phrase, it has made me think about my own truths and one of my personal truths has always been ‘Always Look Up.’   I have two such truths, phrases that keep occurring or showing importance in my life.  Always Look Up is one of my two, and it is a constant reminder to look up and around, pay attention and be aware.



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