Expanding Horizons

We were on a holiday last week and I was reminded how good it feels to step out of my own corner of the world and experience different horizons.  It is refreshing to get away, not only from the routine but to see places that are just different from home.

We were in Los Angeles and area and the sun was beautiful and it was fascinating to look at the different palm trees.  It is such an odd tree to me that we don’t have in my area.  Some are so tall and they have such long bare trunks.

It is fun to meet different people while travelling as well.  A new experience for us was using Uber.  A friend we were travelling with showed me how to set it up.  It was so easy with the app, which knows your location and you enter the location you want to go to.  A notice then pops up saying a car is 3 minutes away and tells you what car (make and colour) and License plate and first name of the driver.

The first driver was really pleasant. He had been retired from the Hotel industry and said he used to travel around to oversee the opening of new hotels.  He finds driving calming and his family suggested he start driving for Uber.  He and Jay talked hockey as he inquired why we were on the trip and attending an LA Kings game was on our itinerary.

The second driver was laid off from his work a month before and as he hoped he would be back to work soon, he picked up being an Uber driver in the interim. He was very friendly and willing to chat as well.  You also don’t need to talk to the driver at all. The fourth time we tried an Uber, the driver couldn’t speak English very well.  The drivers have a device that tell them the location for pick up and drop off with my name.  it is so easy, but you are also getting in the car with someone that you don’t know the driving skill or experience of.  The third driver highlighted this fact, but I suppose that is the same as any cab.  And you can give the driver a rating 😉 (and they can for you – which we had a good laugh about when one of the other hockey moms said her son farted in the Uber and wondered if they wouldn’t be picked up in the future).

We also met some Canadians in the hot tub of the hotel in Carlsbad, and some more Canadians in the airport when we were heading home.  When travelling, – and it has been so long since I have done so, there is always the feeling of wanting to connect.  Share stories, find out where others are from and what common interests we all share.  Swap experiences of our journeys.

it had been too long since I travelled last, and this aspect of travel was so welcome.

Hugs from back home,


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