As you know, I like to know stuff. I generally seek or find things in my life that will help my personal development and growth. I know I have talked about Mindvalley online and have signed up and watched some of the masterclasses that they have to offer. One of these classes was with Jim Kwik who is known for his ‘superbrain.’ He teaches people how to use their ‘supercomputer’ and get it to work for them.

The discussion was so interesting that I also found his Instagram page. One post talked about remembering your dreams and led me to his podcast. Episode 14, from 2017 is specifically on dreams and why it is important to remember them. It’s about 10 minutes long, making it accessible and easy to fit into your schedule.

Do you remember back in August, I wrote a blog titled ‘dream’? I had been working on some personal development in the mornings and had a few long detailed dreams which I had remembered and written down at that time. As I was writing down what this dream was about, I recalled a second piece of my dream. But just the simple instructions to ‘write it with my left hand, it will be much clearer.’ I am normally right handed only with writing, everything else I do left-handed.

After that time, about a month and a half later, I decided to get a designated note book for my intentions right before bed. You know the old saying ~ never go to bed without a request to your subconscious mind. I thought I would experiment with writing a few lines of intentions, and they would be fresh on my brain as soon as I drifted off to sleep. This book, I also made the decision to be solely lefty. Due to my summer dream, I made the intention to only write left handed.

A little ways in to this experiment, I would wake and some dreams would be very prominent in my thoughts, so I wrote them down. You never know if a link will appear at one point or another. I found that as I began to record the dreams that I remembered, I seemed to remember more and more of my dreams. I had to make sure I wrote them down before I did anything else, and also to allow for enough time to get these down even in point form ~ some dreams seemed to go on forever. A few mornings, it was a bit painstaking, writing slowly with my left hand. 😂

Now on to the interesting bit. In Jim Kwik’s podcast, he says one of the reasons we should be remembering our dreams is that while we sleep, our subconscious minds continue to work on problems that our unconscious minds have failed to solve. ‘The subconscious mind is very powerful, provided the conscious mind absorbs plenty of data while it’s awake.’

He goes on to tell his listeners that discoveries in history prove the importance of sleep and dream recollection. Such as: Paul McCartney came up with the song ‘Yesterday’ in a dream, Albert Einstein came up with the Theory of Relativity in a dream, the chemist who invented the periodic table came up with this in a dream. And from my own reading on Nikola Tesla, he talks about asking his subconscious mind to work on solutions to problems and inventions in his dreams and he was successful at this.

Have you tried this yourself? I will keep writing down what I remember and maybe I will surprise myself with what becomes of this recording of dreams.

It was just last night I said goodnight to my husband and he teased me that that is probably my favourite time of day, ‘I get to go to sleep.’ I laughed, but he isn’t wrong 😉 I have always loved sleeping and could fall asleep pretty well anywhere. And seeing what my brain can potentially do is a fun bonus.

Sending Love,


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